Thursday, January 13, 2011


Dear Bushwack,
Suddenly, i understand why i hate being people who treat someone who like me (in romantic way) very nicely so it might make that misunderstand or broken heart or hurt while i am already in relationship with someone else/i m not sure if i can reciprocate the feeling. I think it is cruel to let them 'happy' before but in the end the answer is NO.

You were the only reason why i chose that far far far far high school. But, thanks a lot :) If you didn't mention it, i would never meet Washing Machine nor Riju. I might be in Jatinangor, instead of Depok. I might hate Arashi and DBSK. I might be a supergahul instead of himono onna.

Thanks and sorry, bushwack! It's time to forgive myself and have a natural ni koishite

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Rizuka said...

lets leave the past
and move on

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