Tuesday, January 25, 2011

29 Sho!

Happy Birthday My Lovely imaginary HubbyThe Legendary Double Parka, Singer, Idol, News Anchor, Actor, Sakurai Sho.

I celebrate his day by watching the newest concert, Something boku no scenery fukei, well the title is too long i can't remember.

Some highlight from the concert:
-Bad costumes. Oh, Johnnys, they're already exist for 10 years and you still give them bad costumes? It's only gaudy but not artistic at all. Only gaudy. I hope they learn from Perfume's concert perfume. Gaudy and elegant.

-To be fair, there are some great costumes, especially for solo song. Sho's costume is cute! Like marching band uniform. Matsujun's hmmmm.... no comment. Aiba's the best!

-Great concept and medley. I will give some clue: 8 bit and circus. It's brilliant. Wondering if those are matsujun's idea.

-Listen to their newest album. I can enjoy the performance because i already listen to their album. Not bad, not bad.

This concert is great, but i think 5x10 Concert is better. Or even AAA 2008. There are many memorable performance there.

I wish I can watch the next year concert live from Tokyo Dome (or others venue). Amen.

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