Sunday, April 29, 2012

Papadol: Fanfic Live Action

Sorry I am too lazy to put any picture about this drama. But believe me, Nishikido Ryo is lovely as himself! (Plus with obviously best hairstyle he ever has). Somehow for me Papadol is more like fanfic live action, where you mix the reality + imagination.

Nishikido Ryo, Kanjani 8, Sakurai Sho (oh yes, he appears many times), Arashi, Johnny's are real.
But marriage issue, Yuka as soon-to-be-Ryo's-Wife is fiction.

Papadol makes you confused between the reality and drama plot. When the Jimusho threaten Ryo to choose between divorce and retirement, I thought maybe that is what really happened in idol world. On Johnny's idols. The director on the drama said,

you sell dream. when you chase the reality, the end. 

Ngebayangin betapa Sho (mungkin) dipersulit untuk menikah demi kelangsungan karir ia dan grupnya...sedih.


I don't need coffee. I can't sleep after watch Ryo's troubled face when the youngest child (who-is-gonna-be-his-step-daughter) ask him to get Sho's autograph.

I ROFL a lot when the youngest child said this to her mom (Yuka, I approved her to act as this role):
intinya sih gini ya,

Emak, tau kan siapa artis pujaan ane sepanjang masa?
Hah? Kamu suka Ryo?
Bukan Makk... ane suka Sho-nya Arashi. Kenapa emak kepeleset dari Arashi, malah dapetin grup laen?

I ROFL (in this case rolling on the bed, hugging the pillow, trying not to scream at midnight). THAT WAS SO HILARIOUS.

Yuka? Perfect. I love her. I love when she acted as Aiba's lover on My Girl. As Ohno's (fake) sister on Maou. As herself on Arashi no Shukudai-kun. She seems nice and lovely. She got chemistry with Ryooooooo! It'd be lovely if they actually falling in love in the real world. Okay, I am starting to imagining things.

One thing for sure, if Sho were act as Ryo's role on Papadol... I couldn't even imagine what would happen to me..

Ini, cuma Ryo yang prioritasnya masih di bawah Sho, udah bikin gw semacam kejang-kejang karena adrenalin mengalir terlalu deras. Omoshiroiiiiii!!!!


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