Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Future Job

According to is...

I'll be a model in the future. YEAH.YoYo & CiCi emoticon

How about Rizu? (since this blog is actually Nanien-Rizu's)
There are two option. With/out her family name.

Let's try with family name.

So, dentist is her dream job? tsumanaina~ YoYo & CiCi emoticon
But sometime she said she wanna try something different...Let's try with her ID name (without family name)!

Ah!YoYo & CiCi emoticon
Rizu, you found your dream job!!!!!!

Btw, after a huge scandal with Meisa Kuroki, will Akanishi Jin survive in entertainment world? Let's see what will be his future job if Japanese entertainment get bored with him.

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Yuni W said...

gw atlet tenis meja T..T

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