Friday, November 18, 2011

Allison Harvard

from her tumblr
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Allison Harvard!

Big eyes, called as Creepy-chan, a quiet, shy, artist, and runner up of America's Next Top Model Cycle 12. She is adorable!

She admires nosebleed. She can paint. Her perfume brand called Honeyblood.

This is because Arashi. I mean, because I am bored (subbed videos ain't coming at all) so I downloaded ANTM cycle 17. I found her. Totally YES for Lolita style.

Don't really like the dramas in ANTM, I like Allison because she ain't talk much like the others (si Enjeli bacot gilaa. Mungkin sama lebaynya kaya termehek-mehek, ohhh televisi).

I wanna meet Odah so badly. Wanna discuss this fashion things with her in person, not texting (no money no money), or messenger (spidi mati melulu).

Visit her tumblr, twitter, and website.

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