Thursday, July 9, 2009

(: :(

i just realized that sometimes cliche things on movie or drama can happened in reality.
when you see people looks happy, actually deep down inside they hurts.
some dark secret we can't imagined.
those smiles are their mask to hide the sadness.

some friends of mine smiles like that.
they are adorable.
i believe it's hard to smile while you're in pain, hm?
but they can.


Rizuka said...

yahh karakter dorama2an itu kan berdasarkan realita

aduuh blon nonton ice age niii

nyai dachimah said...

oh itu yg kmrn lo ceritain ke gw yak? gw selama ini selalu mikir hal kyk gitu sih adanya di sinetron biar semakin mendramatizir gitu, ternyata beneran ada ya.. ckckckck.. hebat..

swhanez said...

Nesya Aninditha really really LIKES THIS! :)

Nien said...

@dachi: brati hiduplo lempeng aja ya dach, pantesan aneh :D

@nesya: tengs! u experienced that? hoho

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