Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nice Guy is Invisible

So yesterday, Bebek and I coincidentally met old friend from Junior High School on TransJakarta. Bebek recognized him first, maybe if I met him, i'd just smile because i forget the name.

He already works at government office, in front of the crowd Bebek just frankly asked him how much his salary! And he answered! Lol. Some people turned their head to us listened to the 'intimate' conversation (it was just 1-2 minutes after we said Hi). I poked Bebek to remind her, woy ga etis lu!

Then, after that Bebek asked him,

"Where was your highschool?"

Apparently he was in the same highschool with me and i forgot. I put a cool expression while tried to remember the memories from High School. I still didn't remember him at all! OMG. True, we weren't classmates for three years nor in the same peergroup so it might be natural if I forgot about him. But... We were in the same school for 6 years!

Maybe it's my brain. Or memory capability. Or he was just a nice boy who didn't really leave big impression to me.

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